Samsung Galaxy S7: What We Know and What To Expect

Apparently, we have reached the stage where Samsung is all set to announce the new Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge for 2016. Yesteryear we had a pretty good release with the Galaxy S6. Especially if you account in the fact that Samsung initiated an experiment with it’s Galaxy S6 Edge. After it’s mediocre success, Samsung will be releasing an Edge variant for the Galaxy S7 as well. This article is targeted towards covering everything we already know about the device and what we are expecting.

The design aspect of both new Galaxy S7 smartphones is pretty much clear thanks to leaked pictures as well as renders which are supposedly official. It is quite similar to the outgoing Galaxy S6. Major changes noticeable being the larger fingerprint sensor, more curved borders and a camera bump which is less protruding. Otherwise the characteristics and materials, observed from the pictures, seem to remain the same which isn’t a bad thing in anyway.


Hardware details indicate a very large battery which is definitely there to finally rest any battery issues which occurred in previous phones. The screen is also expected to be at a greater resolution than the one we have seen in the S6. In optics department, the new phones are going to house a 12MP camera with a 1/2.5 sensor. A downgrade from before but the greater quality sensor will clearly show an improvement. The processors are going to be 3 and it will depend on the region which one you’ll get. For the Indian region, you will get the old Exynos 7422 chipset which is available in the Note 5. For the Chinese, Korean and European region, the newer Exynos 8890 will be available. Lastly, Snapdragon 820 will house in the US region. These differences are selected upon region statistics and are quite adequate for each area.

On the other side, we expect Galaxy S7 to bring back SD card support. It was a feature that everyone felt missing in the S6. However great the inbuilt storage gets, expandable storage provides benefits of its own. Another leak suggests the new phones are going to be water resistant. We saw this function three years back in the S5 and it will be a good benefit if it returns in the new Galaxy S7.


Also, today all of the leaks will be addressed by the official unveiling which is to take place in just hours time, and we’ll get to see what makes it to the final product and what doesn’t. We hope that this post gave you a quick idea of what the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are going to provide and also increase the overall excitement. Official announcement posts with finalized details will be up after the event on Team Android so keep an eye out!

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