Facebook Messenger For Android Now Supports Multiple Accounts

Facebook Messenger is now used by hundreds of millions of people around the world. The messenger has received a major update on Android devices which lets you add multiple accounts to the Messenger.

This feature was being tested by Facebook for some time now and the Facebook has pushed it through an update to all Android devices. Users can now add multiple accounts on a single Android devices and can switch between them easily whenever they want. So if you want to add the accounts of your family members to your device, now you can.

Facebook Messenger

There is nothing to worry about privacy. Messenger will show the number of messages received on a particular account but no one will be able to read the messages except you. You’ll have to put your password to read the messages. Which means, a password will be required to switch the accounts. However, you can choose that if you want the Messenger to ask for the password every time you switch the account. It will not ask you for the password everytime if you do not enable it.

You can update your app right now from Google Play store to enable this feature.

Uzair Khalid
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