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Google Play Store was just recently updated and the newest 6.2.10 version has started rolling out to users all over the globe. The new update brings in bug fixes which were reported by users along with new enhancements. Keeping your Play Store up to date is a very good idea as it avoids any compatibility issues or issues with search. Also, the new Play Store further refines its functionality by splitting into two parts, App & Games and Entertainment. Apps & Games section solely provides you with full fledged apps whereas in the Entertainment section of the store, you can easily find movies, books and other related stuff.




The new distinction clearly provides a better and efficient way for users to navigate their way through. Previously, Google tried to jam all content into one for easier search but that didn’t work out hence the new strategy. Apart from the changes, you might be wondering if your device has already received the update or not? Well, you can simply check by installing the Google Play Store 6.2.10 app from the download link below. Once you confirm installation, it will update your app if it hasn’t been already and if it is, it will notify you thus a win-win situation.

Users looking to install the new Play Store can download the APK file from below. The fast download link will give you access to the newest app which you can later on install just like any other application on your Android smartphone. The compatibility of this app is limited so it might not work on Android versions older than 2/3 years.

Download Google Play Store 6.2.10 App:

Google Play Store 6.2.10: Download Here.

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  1. The latest version has removed the “UNINSTALL” button – to uninstall an app I have to go into Settings / Application Manager

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