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You may be like watching TV shows like me in the free time. This may often end up in watching too many regular TV Shows just to pass your day. One or Two shows does not hurt your schedule and are easy to remember when their next episode will air. But if you are TV freak and like stream different TV shows in a week then you probably need this little handy app which will help you track all the upcoming episodes of the tv shows you watch.

Series Guide is a free android available on Google Play Store for android phones and tablets which allows you to add shows to your account which you are watching or have watched just like a timeline. The great feature of this app is it allows you track individual episodes of the TV show. Which for me is like a blessing I watch a lot of TV Shows in a week and this app helps me to track all the episodes aired in the week without missing any.

Series Guide can be downloaded via Google Play Store on you smartphones or tablets:

  • Open Google Play Store and search for “Series Guide”
  • Download and install the free version.
  • Now create a account to freely sync you shows on this app

Alternatively, you can download the app from here.

Series Guide Android

You can add the top trending tv shows or by searching. This will maintain a list of TV Shows and all their episodes (including special ones or extras) which you have watched or not. To you Series Guides sync you have to purchase via the in-app purchases which allows you excess the pro features of the or alternatively you can sync using your Trakt account.

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