Microsoft Bing For Android Updated, Gets New Design and Interesting Features

Microsoft has updated its app, Bing, for Android. The new version is 6.0.25181660 and it takes the app to a whole new level both in design and features. The app is now more like the iOS version of Microsoft Bing app.

The design in the new version is completely new. It also got some interesting new features. For example, if you are looking for  gas station, you can easily find it with Near Me feature just by selecting the gas bubble. It will then show you the nearest gas station and you can navigate to it right away. You can simply search the gas station with a keyword. Moreover, it will now show you the restaurants organised by ratings, deals, delivery, and online reservations.

It also includes a QR scanner. You don’t need to download any separate third party apps to scan QR codes now. You only need one tap to go to movies list which is organized in a completely different way now. Moreover, It allows you to search with your voice. Here is the official list of all the new features.

  • Redesigned homepage. One tap to see restaurants, movies, images, videos, maps, deals, attractions near you.

  • More than just web search. Take action right away with the apps you trust, along with QR scanning, more-accessible privacy controls, Bing Rewards and more.

  • Your stuff’s still here. Your bookmarks, search history, Bing Rewards credits are all here. Tap the menu to find them.

You can download the latest version of Microsoft Bing app from Google Play Store.

Uzair Khalid
Uzair Khalid

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