Dropbox For Android is Now Installed On 500 Million Devices

Dropbox announced in June last year that it has more than 400 million registered users. Now, after about 7 months, Dropbox for Android has reached half a billion installs. 500 installs on just one platform is a big deal. The Google Drive is installed on more than a billion devices right now but that’s mostly because it comes pre-installed on most of the Android devices. Dropbox doesn’t come pre-installed on most of the smartphones so reaching this milestone is something appreciable.


Dropbox reached this milestone after about 6 years of its launch. The Android application allows you to take your data wherever you go. You can access all of your data which is saved in Dropbox anywhere. Moreover,  it allows you to automatically backup every photo you take with your Android phone camera. It also allows you to manually upload the files to your cloud drive and you can also save a file as favorite and it will be available offline. This feature is handy when you are going on a trip and you want access to your favourite files offline.

Have you tried Dropbox for Android yet? If not, download here.

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