Desktop Watchmaker – Create Android Wear Watch Faces on PC

From the ease of your desktop computer or laptop, you can now easily create and view Watchmaker faces for your Android Wear smartwatch. A recent project by Anthony Goubard has enabled all Windows, Mac and even Linux users to edit, create and view watch faces from your computer using this Watchmaker Desktop. This application is solely written on Java which is why it works simultaneously on so many platforms. It allows any user to edit Watchmaker faces.

The editing is quite simple, you either download existing faces from the repository and edit them or make a face completely from scratch using multiple images and layers. This app is only compatible with the Watchmaker app which means you have to install Watchmaker first before applying your newly created face.


The Watchmaker app on Android only allowed small iterations and edits, it was powerful nonetheless but this desktop app gives you even more freedom and access to greater features. Do keep in mind that this is a Beta project and may have some bugs. You can test out Watchmaker Desktop app yourself by downloading it from the link below.

Download Desktop Watchmaker for Windows, Mac and Linux

Desktop Watchmaker: Download Here

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  1. Is there a new version of the watchmaker for mac? Tried, upon boot it stated that is expired and please download again?

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