LOCX App Locker and Photo Vault App for Android

Are you one of those people who are really annoyed when their privacy is invaded even by your best friend? Or Girl Friend? Android is an open source platform and provides a lot of option to allow users to customize the user experience as they want. So as an android user you got lucky. LOCX for android provides you extra added security to protect your most private data and apps on your android phone.

LOCX is an app locker as well as photo vault where you can lock your most favorite and private photos. Unlike other apps out there LOCX is free and ad-free. Also it is incredibly fast and small that you don’t need to worry about slow performance of your phone. LOCX comes with multiple useful features such Chameleon, Themes, Advanced Protection and Material Design. LOCX actively suggest you apps which you should lock.

Chameleon is an extra free feature that LOCX provides you to cheat spies. It helps you to use fake lock screens and prompts to confuse the intruder about the error or lock screen. LOCX also provides widgets to quickly unlock and lock your applications.

PhotoVault feature allows you to store your private photos into a secured and encrypted digital vault. But you have to manually add the photos you want to be secured. Secured photos will be removed from the normal photos or gallery app on your phone. But don’t worry you can restore from the vault if you want.

Download LOCX from Play Store:

  • Open Google Play Store and search “LOCX”
  • Download and install this free app.
  • Launch the app and configure you LOCX password.

Alternatively, you can download it directly from here.

LOCX also comes with Material design and themes which makes it more beautiful app. So what do you think about this app? Do you use any similar app do share with us via comments below.

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