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Tips to Extend Android Wear Battery Time

Coming to the new era of advancements, Android Wear devices are turning out to be the next big thing. If you have also recently bought your new Android wear, congratulations. You’re going along with the new age. Android Wear devices are basically electronic watches with CPUs running Android’s Operating System. Famous Android Wear devices include: Samsung Gear, Moto 360, ASUS ZenWatch etc.

Technology is meant to ease our lives, save time and help us be productive. These smartwatches are here to do just that. Wearables are supposed to be on our wrists, not on desks being recharged most of the time. In this post, I’ll be telling you pro-tips to extend your Android Wear battery time as much as it could ever be.

Tips for Better Android Wear Battery Time



Obviously, on every single device that has a display, screen brightness plays a major part in drinking it’s juice. Android Wear is no different. However, things are a bit complicated with the Android Wear watches. As they are designed to assist you throughout the day and that contains , traveling, playing, in-doors, office, home etc. The combination of outsides and insides has to work with different brightness levels on your Android Wear. We suggest you try the optimum brightness level of 4 which we think is just rightly balanced for both, out in the sun, and in the office. This brightness level may be a little less for the outsides, but yeah, it would save a lot of juice than having a full brightness on your watch. For Moto360 users, there is an option of “Auto” Brightness,  we suggest to turn it off, as it drinks up a lot. A LOT of your battery.

Screen Timeout

Most of the Android Wear watches out there now have an option of “Always On” screen. We understand that it’s kind of cool of having your watch to display the time, all the time, similar to traditional watches but to prevent from continuous recharging, you have to let this one go. Turn it off to save more than enough battery to go all day without getting near a charging socket.


Major part of the battery is consumed by notification alerts…uh..”Useless” Notification alerts. Most spam emails, most game requests on Facebook and most in app notifications use up your battery. Yes I know that there are a lot of useful notifications as well and other than that, what good it is if you don’t get notifications on your smart watch? So you can’t basically turn all the notifications off, luckily Android Wear has an option that lets you decide what is to be sent to your watch. So filter your reach, and save battery.


Just like mobile phones, Android Wear lets you snooze your notifications. In order to get a better battery time and in order to prevent recharging during the day, you need to just snooze the notifications when you don’t need them. It is a bit of work to do, but you just have to sacrifice on this one. With screen blinking even when you don’t need it, its a massacre of your smartwatch’s tiny battery.

We hope these tips help you extend your Android Wear smartwatch’s battery time and get you through the day without looking for the recharging dock. If you sense we have missed something, do let us know in the comments!

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