Samsung Releases Game Tuner for Modifying Game’s Resolution and Settings

Samsung recently pushed a new app to the Play Store by the name of Game Tuner. It does exactly what it means, it lets you change essential game settings such as the resolution and the frame rate at which it plays. Right now, the app supports Samsung’s latest flagships, the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge on the other hand are partly supported. This means only some of the variants are currently found working while others are still in progress. We think in upcoming versions, the app will arrive on more devices with varying price points. Coming to the app itself, it is very simple. The main motive here is to help you maximize either performance or maximize your battery and everything in between. It is up-to the user how the app is used to set up the settings.


Once you install this app, you can set preferences to the games you have currently installed. The two major options include resolution ratio and frame rate. Lowering both, will give you a good enough experience but save you loads of battery life. These settings can be reset easily and you can modify them any time which makes for more flexibility.

Download Game Tuner App: Google Play Store


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