The Latest Version of WhatsApp Now Shows Previews of URLs

The latest version of WhatsApp (2.12.312) introduces an interesting feature. When you share a URL in a chat, WhatsApp will display the preview of that URL as shown in the image below. This feature is very handy.

WhatsApp URL Previews

But the feature is currently available for sending side only. Which means that when you’ll type a URL in a message to send, you’ll see a small preview of a URL as visible in the picture. The receiving side will only get the URL without preview. Similarly, if someone sends you the URL, you’ll only get the URL but he’ll be able to see the preview of that URL. WhatsApp may update the application in the near future to introduce this feature on receiving side as well.


The WhatsApp also supports backing up messages to Google Drive now. This was a long awaited feature and finally WhatsApp developers made this feature available.

When you’ll install the latest version of WhatsApp, You’dd be asked to authenticate your WhatsApp with Google Drive and you’ll be given the option to choose the frequency on which the WhatsApp would backup the messages to Google Drive. By default, it will backup messages and images, you can also select the videos if you want to back them up as well.

WhatsApp Backup



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