OnePlus Teases New X Phone, Announcement on 29th October

OnePlus said at it’s OnePlus 2 event that it will be releasing yet another flagship later this year and yes, the time has come. In it’s recent twitter post, OnePlus released a new image with the letter X created through white lights. These lights are very similar to a side of a phone but then again, these are lights and not all things are to be referenced direct to the product. The event is going to be held in London on the 29th of October. This phone is a confusing addition to the OnePlus lineup. Carl Pei, the founder, said that it may or may not be higher spec-ed than the OnePlus 2. This puts the buyer and more even the owners of the current OnePlus flagship in a very confused state. Why buy the OnePlus 2 then? This should be elaborated upon really soon in the upcoming London event on the 29th of October.


As said previously, we aren’t sure what to think about this new phone and how it will sell itself. All we have right now are speculations and nothing solid enough to comment upon. But with a company like OnePlus, we think this phone will surely be spectacular. The twitter teaser also contains a hashtag, #PowerfullyBeautiful. What do you make of this teaser? We will cover the event as well so keep an eye out for articles covering the announcement!

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