How to Backup EFS on OnePlus 2 – Tutorial / Guide

How to Backup EFS on OnePlus 2 - Tutorial / Guide 1

TWRP custom recovery is now available for installation on the OnePlus 2 resulting in the ability to make full fledged EFS partition backups. The EFS partition of any phone contains valuable radio and communication data like IMEI number. Without this, the smartphone can lose it’s GSM functionality altogether. Simply put, if your EFS partition gets corrupt, you will be left with an expensive music player with zero phone functionality. Hence it is very important you keep a EFS backup on hand. OnePlus 2 benefits from TWRP recovery which means that by installing the custom recovery, you will be able to backup your EFS partition. To find the exact details on how TWRP recovery is used in backing up EFS partition, read our detailed steps. Once you have made a backup, the files will be located under TWRP -> Backups. We have also included screenshots with our guide on backing up EFS partition on OnePlus 2 with TWRP custom recovery.

Once you make the backup, we recommend keeping a copy of it on your phone as well as your computer. This way, in any case, you would be able to restore your EFS without any issue. The backed up EFS partition size is very small and ranges from 5-12MB. You can then restore the EFS either through TWRP or use ADB to manually update the partition.


How To Make EFS Partition Backup On OnePlus Two

NOTE: Having TWRP custom recovery installed on your OnePlus Two is essential for this guide to work so before you go further make sure you have a custom recovery installed. If you don’t then you can follow our previous article on installing TWRP custom recovery on the OnePlus Two.

Step 1 – Power OFF your OnePlus 2 by holding down on the Power button and tapping on Power Off.

Step 2 – Enter TWRP by simply powering off your phone. Holding Power Button and Vol Down Button together until OnePlus logo shows up. Once it does, release Power Button while still pressing Vol Down Button until a screen similar to the following screenshot shows up.


Step 3 – Select the Backup option from the options shown.

Step 4 – Select EFS from the following screen.


Step 5 – “Swipe to backup”  in order to confirm your options. After swiping, it will take few minutes depending on the size of the backup.


Step 6 – Once done, reboot your phone like normal. The newly made EFS backup will be found under TWRP folder created at root of the phone.

That’s it! This is all that you need to do in order to create an EFS partition backup. This backup then can be used as a restore point for further use. You can repeat the steps for creating another backup.


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