Screen Off Memo from Note 5 Now Available For Note 3, Note 4 and Note Edge

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The Note 5 has been a good design revamp but apart from design, nothing has appealed to users already on older Note series phones like the Note 4, Note 3 or the rarer Note Edge to upgrade. Some might argue the most practical and innovative feature Samsung has introduced to the Note line is the Screen Off Memo. Numerously detailed in review videos and adverts, it was only plausible to expect the audience to crave this on their current Galaxy Note phones. Gladly, developers at XDA are still active and are pacing towards achieving new ports. xpericle, the developer behind this, has introduced an app called “Screen Off Memo” which basically ports the feature to Note 3, Note 4 and Note Edge.

Practically designed to work with the S-Pen, Screen Off Memo will automatically start once you pull out your S-Pen while the device is locked. Then you can jot down whatever you need and put the S-Pen back so that it automatically saves the memo and returns to standby. All of this is cool but how would you install it? Fortunately, only a simple app install is all what it takes. No root, no recovery just a good old app. To have Screen Off Memo installed on your Note 3, Note 4 or Note Edge read through our steps given below.

How To Install Screen Off Memo On Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Note 4 and Note Edge:


Step 1 – Download the APK file from here: ScreenOffMemo_V1.3.apk

Step 2 – Install the APK, if you haven’t checked “Unknown Sources” in Settings, there will be a pop up showing you a warning from which you can tick installing from unknown sources.

Step 3 – Run the app atleast once. The app is very simplistic and if opened from the App Drawer will lead you to the same screen layout as displayed on the lock screen.

Step 4 – In order for the app to automatically launch itself when S-Pen is detached in lock state, activate/enable it by going to Settings, then Security and then Device Administrator.

If you have followed the steps correctly, the Screen Off Memo feature should automatically launch itself when you pull out your S-Pen from your Note 3, Note 4 or Note Edge.

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