Block internet access to apps using NoRoot Firewall for Android

Ever wanted to block internet access to specific apps? Or are you using a mobile operator which allows you to use some internet in some apps free of cost? But as soon as you enable your data connection whole android system start using mobile internet and you feel useless. Then this app NoRoot Firewall will help you disable internet access to some applications including system apps as well.

Android itself does not provide any measures to block the internet access to certain application or if you are restricted mobile data quota, then this app will save you from havoc. The best thing about this app is you don’t need Root access on your android phone to allow or disallow internet access.

How to download and use NoRoot Firewall App from Google Play Store:

  • Open Play Store and search for “NoRoot Firewall”
  • Download and Install the app.
  • Once downloaded it will ask for permissions to make new VPN connection automatically.
  • The app will show you notifications about the apps requesting Internet access. You can then allow or disallow access from the Pending Access tab.
  • From the Apps tab you can manual select all the application you want to disallow or allow internet access.

You can download this app directly form Play Store form here.

You can also apply custom filters to specific apps allowing or disallowing them accessing specific internet address or ports. This will be quite handy and especially if you are geek with me you will love this app.

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