The Latest Android Wear Update Brings Interactive Watch Faces And Wi-Fi Support to LG G Watch R

An Android Wear update brought support for Wi-Fi to Android Wear devices a few months back.But of course, not all devices had the hardware to enable this support. The LG G Watch R was one of the exceptions. It had the required hardware, but Wi-Fi had not been enabled in the device. But now finally the hardware has been put to use.

The latest Android Wear update supports the Wi-Fi within the watch now. So now you can connect to the companion phone without a direct Bluetooth connection. First it was necessary that your phone is connected to Wi-Fi and your watch is connected to your phone with Bluetooth. So that the watch can show the quick notifications you got on your phone.

But now even if your phone is at home and connected to the internet, and you are somewhere else with your watch and your watch has an active Wi-Fi connection, It will show you the notifications you receive at your phone. You can also use your watch to send messages, make notes, or ask Google a question, even if your phone is not with you.

Watch Faces


The new Android Wear update also introduces watch faces. With watch faces, you can now get the information on the watch face by just a single tap, without even opening an app. For example when you will touch the calendar indicator, watch face will quickly show you today’s agenda without going to the calendar app.

Source: Android Developer.

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