Android M: The M Is For Marshmallow

Google has just announced that Android M will indeed have it’s full name as Android Marshmallow. Following the desserts and connoisseurs naming trend, this newest addition to the Android family is no different. Android Marshmallow will soon be replacing Android Lollipop. Yes, it is not a major revamp but it is definitely a much needed one. Android Marshmallow will introduce new features and support for new hardware such as fingerprint scanners which are very popular these days. For more information on what Android Marshmallow has to offer please read our previous article.


Following obligatory tradition, the name was revealed via erecting an Android Marshmallow statue in front of the company’s headquarters. Mountain View gardens will now welcome this statue along with the previous standing ones and greet future visitors. A representation of Android’s history along with a fun photo opportunity for everyone, all in one package! What do you think of this new name?

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