“OK Google” Now Lets You Send WhatsApp, WeChat, NextPlus, Telegram, and Viber Messages

Sometimes when you are busy or you just don’t want to type a text to reply someone, a voice tool to control your messaging would be the best solution. Just like you use “OK Google” to write emails, Hangouts, or text messages, you can now write messages in some other messaging services as well.

You will now be able to send the messages, using your voice, through WhatsApp, WeChat, NextPlus, Telegram, and Viber. This feature is very handy and necessary as most of the people use instant messaging services, specially WhatsApp, over regular text messages now.

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All you have to do is use a simple voice command using OK Google. For example, when you say “Ok Google, send a WhatsApp message to <someone>”, or “Ok Google, send a Viber message to <someone>”, you’ll be prompted to dictate your message. You will then dictate your message and OK Google will confirm if you want to send this message. You will confirm and message will be sent.

You’ll have to update every supported messaging app and Google app on your Android device to enable this functionality. This feature is only available in English for now. And it is not limited to US.

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