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OnePlus 2 – Pricing and Availability

Now we have the official details and specs of the new OnePlus 2, the only thing left is how can you get one and for how much? OnePlus is known for asking questions about big flagships and how they are priced. OnePlus 2 offers better specs and hopefully a better experience, in fraction of the price. The original OnePlus One had pricing to it’s advantage and this time round, OnePlus 2 is a similar case.


Pete, CEO OnePlus, didn’t mention the price in the keynote and teased it for OnePlus’ twitter handle. The details are that you would be able to buy the OnePlus 2 for $389 with 64GB memory and 4GB RAM or for $349 for 16GB memory and 3GB RAM. The latter is obviously going to sell less due to small price difference between it and the highest end version.

Just like before, there is an invite system which you have to pass through before getting the device shipped on August 13th. OnePlus says they have a much bigger stock this time and have improved the invite system as a whole. We should see interested customers getting their devices pretty soon.

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