Microsoft Introduces Send, For Quick, Chat Like Emails

Emails are a very important way of communication today. But sending them by opening some web page on your browser, entering email address of the person you want to send that email to and typing subjects is quite difficult sometimes, when you just want to tell something quickly to someone. Similarly opening an app on your phone and repeating the above procedure is a pain to do sometimes.

To overcome this problem, Microsoft introduced a new application called Send. Send lets you literally send emails just like you chat with someone on an instant messenger. Sometimes you don’t have the number of your co worker and you want to communicate with him real quick, Send will help you to do that.


These are the sort of quick emails you send to the people you care about at work—your boss, your teammates, and sometimes partners or customers outside your organization. You’re usually busy or on the go when you send them, and Send is specifically designed for this get-in get-out scenario.

Send does not require any subject line or signature, It is as easy as A,B,C. Send also has some built-in quick replies to make things easier.

Send is currently available in US and Canada only but it will be available worldwide soon. Currently, it is only available for iOS. But will soon be available for Android and Windows Phone. Stay tuned for more.

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