Meet the OnePlus 2, Pictures and Full Specs Leaked

OnePlus 2 has truly stood up as one of the most anticipated phones of 2015. Not only has it taken a toll on Twitter trends but we are witnessing spec leaks each week throughout the follow-up to the actual announcement. The specifications, of which have been confirmed by OnePlus itself, project the new comer as a powerful yet affordable smartphone.

This time we have something more exciting compared to on-paper specs, we have the design layout itself. The OnePlus 2 takes a lot from it’s predecessor, even the popular Sandstone material. The additions are, a front Home/Fingerprint-sensor button and a center positioned camera. These images come from TEENNA. You can take a look right below.




If you don’t already know, OnePlus has acknowledged that the OnePlus 2 will indeed come with  fingerprint scanner, processor, RAM, battery, Dual-SIM and USB-C port, all costing under $450.

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