JOxygenOS Installer: Updating OnePlus One Made Easy

JOxygenOS Installer: Updating OnePlus One Made Easy 1

Frustrated from all the technical jargon you have to sieve through just to update your OnePlus One? Well, developers have found a better way than forcing everyone to tinker with system parts such as the custom Recovery just to install CM12S or OxygenOS. JOxygenOS Installer is targeted towards one purpose, automating the whole update process and making it as simple as it can be for a user with not much technical insight. You can install the latest OxygenOS or CM12S via this easy to use toolkit on your OnePlus One.

As we said previously, JOxygenOS installer is solely meant to make the update/flashing process simple for all OnePlus users. It provides a graphical UI in which you can drag and drop OS files that you desire to be flashed. It will automatically do the rest, including unlocking the bootloader temporarily if it’s locked and also resetting any temper flags. Also note, this tool is meant for clean installation. This means it will wipe your whole device before installing any firmware so make sure to have all of your data backed up.


The obvious requirement for this toolkit to work is, you should have a OnePlus One (32GB or 64GB), USB Drivers already installed and a Windows/Mac PC. Also, you would be required to download your own OS files which can be accessed from the following links:

JOxygenOS Installer Features:

  • Install OxygenOS
  • Install CMOS12
  • Wipe data automatically
  • Detect if bootloader is locked and temporary unlock it if that is the case.
  • Reset tamper bit flag
  • Properly detects the device to avoid errors
  • Can install other ROMs. Need to run the tool twice. Second time is for GApps.

Currently, this utility supports CM12S and OxygenOS, but make sure you follow the original development thread for latest releases and updates.

Download JOxygenOS Installer:

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  1. Igor Ganapolsky Avatar

    This tool is amazing. Allowed me to install CM 13 nightly on my OPO effortlessly.

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