OnePlus 2 Confirmed to Have Dual SIM Support

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Earlier today we were greeted with yet another OnePlus 2 detail right before it’s official announcement event on July 28th. This seems as a elongated keynote speech that was supposed to be over in an hour. Nonetheless, today OnePlus CEO Liu Zuohu went on Weibo to say that OnePlus 2 will in fact come with dual-SIM support. For our US readers this might not be the most bleeding edge technology but in Asian regions the scenario is exactly so.

In those markets, dual SIM phones are quite popular hence why Samsung releases a “Duos” version of each of its Galaxy flagship to satisfy user needs.


This feature might also indicate expandable storage. We have seen on other Android phones that the Dual SIM slot acts as  microSD card slot when not in use. The OnePlus One had ample storage options but still some users required more memory so it seems logical to include Dual SIM functionality in the follow-up.

If you have missed on the last few details, here is a refresher. OnePlus 2 will have a fingerprint scanner, processor, RAM, battery and USB-C port, all coming under $450. We are really excited about this phone and are anxiously waiting to get our hands on it. What are you excited about the most in this upcoming OnePlus flagship killer?

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