OnePlus 2 Camera Sample Photo Unveiled, 13 Megapixels Camera Included

OnePlus 2 Camera Sample Photo Unveiled, 13 Megapixels Camera Included 1

MKBHD, a very famous if not the most famous and renowned YouTube tech-reviewer has unveiled yet another key detail about the upcoming OnePlus 2. A photo released on Marquee’s Google+ profile, presumably taken from the OnePlus 2 itself, shows the imaging capabilities of this upcoming “flagship killer” set to launch in less than two weeks from now.

The image is ready to be downloaded by anyone and can be inspected properly. From what we have seen from the associated image properties, OnePlus 2 will have A2001 as its model number and when the photo was taken, it was running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. We doubt it would be running the new Android M since it is not yet ready for production, but we have our hopes high. We expect this Lollipop build to follow along to the final package because Android M is still unfinished and in development phase.

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The camera sensor, guessing from the resolution, will be 13 megapixels. Not quite as high in megapixels number from what we were assuming at first. However, the image is detailed enough with accurate colors and is adequately sharp. That’s what counts for us and we are completely okay with the 13 megapixels resolution as long as photos come out really sharp and play nice with colours.

We hope the OnePlus 2 carries 4K video recording support, like with this camera on OnePlus One, and as it is becoming a more and more used feature by YouTube producers like MKBHD himself.

This is just another piece to the puzzle — before the OnePlus 2 is announced. If you haven’t read already we already know about the fingerprint scanner, processor, RAM, battery and USB-C port that is expected to come in the OnePlus 2, and oh, it will cost less that $450.

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