OnePlus One Gets Android M Preview, Only Booting Now

OnePlus One

Android M was announced earlier this year at the Google I/O. It is a welcome revision to Lollipop, though not as major but it finally refines Lollipop. The cool thing is, even though Android M is still in developmental phases, a fellow developer has been able to boot it up on an OnePlus One. Yes, this is indeed true and not a fake pledge for attention. He has not only attached a video showing his work boot up but has promised for more development which means we can see a usable build coming up for the OnePlus One very soon.

The key thing to note here is, Android M has only gotten past the boot sequence. There are no apps, no usability and most drivers are missing. This may sound as useless for the common user but for third-party developers it is a big plus. We expect a more stable build to follow so keep an eye on this space!


We still don’t know if the OnePlus 2 will come with Android M or Android Lollipop. The latter seems more probable due to the date when OnePlus 2 is going to be announced. However, unlike others, OnePlus have revealed a lot of details before the actual launch of the phone. We know about the fingerprint scanner, processor, RAM, battery and USB-C port.

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