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OnePlus 2 To Be Launched with USB-C Standard

Just recently, we spotted OnePlus coming out to officially announce the processor details for their upcoming OnePlus 2. After getting quickly viral-ed through the internet and making social media trends.  OnePlus is back again with another thriller. The new OnePlus 2 will be coming with USB-C. Yes, the recent reversible marvel created by mankind is going to be present on the OnePlus 2.

USB-C is set to change the way how we view ports and communications. Reversibility is a phrase solely associated with USB-C owing to the “any side is the right side” idea. This announcement also shows how dedicated the OnePlus team is on releasing there new flagship.


We haven’t seen USB-C on any major 2015 flagship except a couple of phones. Definitely another deal-maker for the potential buyer, let’s just wait till we get our hands on the next tid bit so keep an eye out!

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