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17 Sony Xperia Devices Getting Android M Preview

Sony has just announced that they will in fact be unveiling the necessary binaries needed for making Android M source code run-able on their Open Device Program Xperia devices. Google introduced Android M back in May at the annual I/O conference, since then we have builds being pushed for most of their Nexus devices. What Sony has released is a little bit different. In their case, the developer is required to first sync the original Android M source code from Google and then add in the necessary binaries which Sony will provide. A guide is also being provided along with download links at Sony’s developer page.

Hopefully, respective device developers will be able to create custom ROMs using these guidelines which later on would be flashed straight onto the device. This will widen the access to normal users as well. However, as Android M is in still preview stages we don’t think it will be stable enough to be used as a daily driver.


The full device list is given right below:

Android M Preview Compatible Devices:

  • AOSP for Xperia™ Z3 Compact
  • AOSP for Xperia™ Z3 Tablet Compact
  • AOSP for Xperia™ Z2
  • AOSP for Xperia™ Z2 Tablet
  • AOSP for Xperia™ Z1
  • AOSP for Xperia™ Z1 Compact
  • AOSP for Xperia™ Z Ultra
  • AOSP for Xperia™ Z
  • AOSP for Xperia™ ZL
  • AOSP for Xperia™ Tablet Z
  • AOSP for Xperia™ E3
  • AOSP for Xperia™ M2
  • AOSP for Xperia™ T2 Ultra
  • AOSP for Xperia™ T3
  • AOSP for Xperia™ L
  • AOSP for Xperia™ S
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