How to Save Battery in Huawei P8 with Power Saving

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Huawei P8 has a great battery life, but in order to make it more efficient and get the most uptime out of it, Huawei introduced a few power saving features. I’m sure no one likes when their phone die in the middle of the day and you couldn’t find a power socket anywhere around to charge. This phone doesn’t come with wireless charging, but a number of other software features make up for that. We have already posted about some great battery saving tips for Android, but you should given this Huawei P8 feature a try as well.

Power saving in Huawei P8 tells you an estimate running time of your phone, and lets you configure into three different modes for saving power; Normal, Smart and Ultra. Let’s take a look at what all these modes mean for you and how you can get the best battery life when needed.


This feature keeps running in the background to check what apps do you use, what apps run in the background, and which ones are consuming more power than usual and eating up your phone battery. You get a notification as soon as it detects an app consuming a lot of battery power. You can also manually monitor apps  that needs to be optimized, or nay apps that already have issues with power consumption. And not just this, Power Saving also give you a checklist of tips that you need to perform in order to get the most of your battery time on Huawei P8.

Normal Mode

This is the normal mode that you can use in your daily routine while using the Huawei P8. It slightly adjusts the CPU and network usage to maximize performance and optimize your battery time. As per Huawei, this mode is recommended for gaming and online videos.

Smart Mode

In smart mode, your phone is configured to automatically adjust the CPU and network usage for a balanced performance in your daily use. It is recommended for general usage of the phone.

Ultra Mode

This is where the most power saving kicks in, and comes in handy when you are completely running low on battery and need that extra juice to make a few phone calls or text messages. This is exactly what this mode lets you do, nothing else. Recommended to be used when battery is low.


How to Change Power Saving Settings in Huawei P8

It’s really simple. Just follow these quick steps below to access the full power saving menu.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap on Power saving.
  • You can change to whatever mode you like from the screen shown.

4 responses to “How to Save Battery in Huawei P8 with Power Saving”

  1. René Moerman Avatar
    René Moerman

    The battery don’t last longer than half a day. I am living in a very warm country so this might also influence. When I look at the usage of apps I notice that the system apps use so much energy. What to do with this?

    1. Carlos Montealegre Avatar
      Carlos Montealegre

      Hello, Rene. Disable them manually from Settings or use Greenify to complement that. I have a P8 Lite 2017, and struggle with the same battery issue. Sometimes, I have to charge the mobile phone twice a day. What a pity. However, I would suggest you looking for a new mobile phone which may share similar characteristics but a better battery performance. Bye.

  2. Beverley Avatar

    Huawei P8 purchased October 2015, battery does not last 10 hours. Very light user. Have battery set on low useage, cleanmaster cleans and scans, is there a problem with battery.
    Husband has same phone, brought same time, no problem with the battery life. What to do.

    1. Carlos Montealegre Avatar
      Carlos Montealegre

      P8 seems to have a bad a battery performance. I suggest you looking for a better battery performance mobile phone which may share, at least, similar characteristics. Bye

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