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OnePlus One Price Cut, Starts from $249 Now

OnePlus’ flagship the OnePlus One was put on to sale by the manufactures cutting down by $50 and was put out for the customers, this sale was thou only for one week, however today OnePlus one gave the good news that the sale has been continued – wait for it- forever! You can now buy the 16Gb variant of the OnePlus One for $249, and also the 64GB variant for $299. And don’t you worry, this time the sale has been extended for good.

Coming to talk about it, the OnePlus manufacturers have also teamed up with the online cloud based company – Dropbox- to introduce the good news of the amazing sale. Now you can buy the device just for $349 along with one year free subscription for Dropbox pro, which was previously for $99. Dropbox pro would allow you to use up to 1TB of online storage for your precious data.

OnePlus one

So, planning on to buy the OnePlus One now?

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