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Hound, Meet the New Personal Assistant By SoundHound

SoundHound is majorly known for providing a popular song recognition app, but recently it has revealed it will be offering something more through Hound. The company proudly boasts it’s app names from the brand name itself but who are we to argue? Hound will be the latest product from the Voice Search and Virtual Assistant market. Yes, we already have too much of these and hardly use them but what Hound is offering is truly worth looking at.

Hound will be providing an app for every platform out there, well it hopes atleast. Hound will be available on all major platforms including Android. This breaks the barriers of incompatibility over a set of devices and also increases the target audience. What does the offering include to even consider trying it? Well, there’s actually quite a lot.


By the early demos, Hound is truly something ground breaking. It will be able to handle complicated questions with different parameters and the best thing? No set grammar that you have to follow. It will intelligently search and research as you speak like Google’s Search. You wouldn’t have to wait for voice to get successfully recognised first and then translated. All will be done simultaneously. Result will be an app so fast that you will start to consider Google Search, Cortana and Siri to be slow.

Right now, you can try out all these amazing features by signing up for the Beta app. Do note that as this is a Beta, bugs will be there and the final product will have noticeable changes.

Sign Up For Hound Beta:

Visit this link and click request an Invite for Android. Other platforms only have notification options as of yet.

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