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ASUS ZenWatch 2 Announced: Great Hardware, Comes in Two Sizes

At Computex 2015, today ASUS launched their new “Zensation” enent at Taipei. The event kicked of by ASUS announcing their second generation of the ZenWatch, as the ZenWatch 2. The overall design of the ZenWatch 2 is almost similar to its predecessor, except the little metal crown on the right side of it, like other famous android wears particularly Apple Watch. The ZenWatch 2 now comes in 2 different sizes, one with a 22mm strap like the last ZenWatch, and one with a smaller 18mm strap. Plus, you get an additional battery pack for additional on the go juice with the 22mm version.

Now let’s dive into this android wear. under that little hood, we see a Qualcomm processor and there is no news yet about the assisting ram and Camera specs  in the android unit. Over the hood, like last time, there’s an AMOLED screen and a 2.5D curved Gorilla Glass 3. Other than that, the dust and water resistance rating has been improved to IP67, battery life is said to be improved, comes with a magnetic charger cable unlike last time’s plastic one.


Customization has also been slept on, as you get three color combinations in total with the ZenWatch 2; silver, gunmetal and rose-gold. Watch straps also gives you option to customize it, like they come  in rubber, soft leather and metal in different colors, also like the Samsung Gear S, ZenWatch 2 offers a premium Swarovski crystals edition of the watch strap. Although the price has not yet been unveiled, but we’ll update back as soon as we hear something.

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