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Pre-Order LG G4 Now with Vodafone

After tons of major announcements at the Google I/O 2015, we’ve got you another one. The long awaited LG G4 is finally breaks it’s availability veil in UK. Yes, Android M is going to be a whole lot exciting after you get your hands-on on this LG flagship.

Currently, Vodafone UK, is the only retailer taking pre-orders for this LG beast, they started the pre-orders listing today and would probably start shipping the buyers on 1st of June. That’s just not it, it’ll totally amaze you when you hear the dozens of bonuses you get by pre-ordering it right now with Vodafone.  Vodafone Red Bundle  would  cost it’s buyers £35 per month including the phone, but with only 1GB of data for 2 years. You could also get the upsized deal for £50 per month, with 10GB for the 2 years, the brighter part is you would get unlimited calls and text messages to any carrier within UK, plus who needs carrier data when you use WiFi more often, right?


Another bonus is that with every Red Variant of LG G4, you get a Gold leather back for free, which is an exclusive deal at the moment. The phone might seem costly at the moment with Vodafone, but we think the price is totally justified for the specs LG has provided under the hood included a Snapdragon 810, an amazing camera, and of course a sleek design.

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