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Android Pay Explained: Contactless Payments, Fingerprint Security And Many Supported Brands

Yesterday, at Google I/O 2015, we looked at the latest version of Android called Android M and some of Google’s plans for this year. These plans included Android Pay, words that have only been used in rumors till now. Google confirmed that it is going ahead with a mobile payment solution and also confirmed that it will be named Android Pay. Phone payment is still an idea very new to consumers especially realizing how Credit Cards have become the norm. Android Pay is set out to change that.

With Android Pay, you would be able to make payments on any physical location without having to open up your wallet. Ofcourse you need a bank account and a registered card. Once you sync it with the framework, you wouldn’t be required to carry your Credit Card everywhere.

google-io-20150092What’s Different With Android Pay?

Yes, we will agree that this isn’t something groundbreaking and Google isn’t the first to implement it but what we will argue is the fact that it is probably the best solution available.


The first logical question arises, is it any faster than taking out a Credit Card and swiping it? Well, yes it is. Unlock your phone, swipe it and get a authorization message back confirming everything. That’s how simple it is with Android Pay. You wouldn’t have to worry about signatures, all will be done for you.


Security has always been a priority while dealing with financial systems. Same is the case with Android Pay. Measures will be in place to minimize fraud and spam. During the keynote we were breifly explained as to how Google will achieve this. Basically, your mobile will never communicate the original Credit Card number with machines available at multiple kiosks rather it will generate a unique time-dependent number for each transaction. This ensures your privacy and least probability of any misuse.


As Google wants huge numbers pouring in to adopt Android Pay, the support has been widened to any phone with an NFC chip. A specific Android version wasn’t targeted which makes it even more interesting.

Google will be rolling out Android Pay in the coming months. It has already partnered with thousands of major brands across US and hopes to move it’s tasks all over the globe. Are you willing to try out Android Pay? Let us know in the comments!

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