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Layout From Instagram, Now Available on Android

Layout for Instagram was just released for Android. It was previously only launched on iOS and was said that the Android release would be coming soon — it’s finally here now! Previously, Instagram, created a photo montage maker that worked hand in hand with Instagram. Test demographic being iOS users, feedback was well enough that Instagram decided to bring Layout over to Android. What has changed? It is just a simple port nothing different than what the previous iteration had to offer.

For those who haven’t yet heard or used this app previously, the app will let you choose a set of photos which can be mixed as well as allow you to take fresh ones. Once selected, the pictures will be set out in a squared overall image with different shapes for each separate picture. After you find, what Instagram refers to as, the right mix by using Flip, Replace and Mirror features, you can save it and share the image.


The key difference here is the ease of use. Layout targets to provide a hassle free montage solution to stitch different images in to one beautiful picture. Simple and clean would be the words to describe this app. As this originated as an experiment, we would like to see Instagram make follow-ups to this as there is always room for improvement.

Download Layout for Android [Download Direct APK Here!]

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