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How to Buy LG G4 in the US

LG has finally unveiled their new LG G4 flagship Android phone, at least what was left of the details that is. The phone comes with a  5.5-inch QHD IPS Quantum display screen, a Snapdragon 808 processor and lots of other sweet stuff is headed to all over the US market. LG has disclosed that all major US carriers will be carrying the G4, what remains is the exact time you would be able to get your hands on one.

We will be posting further details as they are released about the release date and time, but here are some details from the major US carriers on how, when and where you will be able to get the new LG G4.



As of right now, you can’t buy or pre-order the LG G4 from T-Mobile. The expected launch and release date of LG G4 around June. Till then, you can enter a giveaway by T-Mobile to win a new LG G4 everyday from today till 25th of May. Now that is what I call an awesome giveaway!

More information: Enter LG G4 Giveaway by T-Mobile Here!

US Cellular

Not much information from US Cellular, but we know that they will be carrying the new LG G4 in June. As for other information on variants, colour options etc. — you will have to wait some time to find out more.


Sprint is also releasing the LG G4 around the same time, in June. The hardware will support all of the three different spectrum bands that Sprint holds allowing you to utilize blazing fast speeds. Metallic Gray and Genuine Black Leather are the colors you will be able to avail through Sprint. And for those who would want the new LG G4 for free, Sprint will be giving away 8 phones!

More information: Signup to Pre-Register for Sprint LG G4 and Giveaway Details!


We haven’t heard from AT&T yet but it is expected to arrive around the same time frame as others — in June. We will update once we get any official word on this.

Would you keep using the same carrier you are on, buy an unlocked phone or switch to a different one when purchasing the LG G4? Or most importantly, do you even think the new LG G4 is worth an upgrade? Let us know below in the comments.

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