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Facebook’s Hello Called ID App Wants to Replace Android Dialer

Facebook is known for connecting people together on one platform and allowing them to communicate with each other. Similar to experiments in the past which were either a hit or a complete miss like Home launcher, Facebook is now introducing Hello. Hello is an app set to replace the native dialer app found in Android smartphones. Why would you even think of replacing a completely working part of your phone? Well, if you experienced a number being displayed instead of a saved contact, or once you dial in a number it won’t automatically fetch contact details and many other scenarios then you know you need a replacement.

The Hello app from Facebook will set out to correct all of that. How? By allowing you to use an under-rated feature, Wi-Fi calling, display contact information through Facebook’s server for unknown numbers and allow you to quickly sieve through many local business’ details that you might need. These features surely make our mouth water but has it been implemented in the best possible way? Let’s find out!

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Hello will follow a similar fashion as Facebook’s other apps. Blue and White will be the most prominent colors with different highlights. Material design guidelines will be followed throughout to make the app fit in better with Google’s new Android Lollipop release. Key tabs will include a recent tab, dialer, contacts and settings. Now, if you receive a call through Hello, the app will first try to match the number with a corresponding one in Facebook’s database. That is, it will search through many profiles which allow other users to find them through a phone number. After a successful match has been made, the person’s user details will be shown and allow you to connect with that person through Messenger or Facebook app itself. Details will include a quick glance at the location of the person, mutual friends and profile picture.

The usual functions have been elaborated in Hello but what Facebook is most proud of is it’s built-in Search System and Call Blocking mechanism. If you search for a local restaurant or any other local establishment, Hello will display you all the nearby matches with appropriate details. This makes the endless research process for a simple number disappear. Right alongside it, Call Blocking is what Facebook thinks will attract users as well. You will be able to appropriately select numbers that are allowed to contact you and people who you can’t be bothered with. However, once you block a number, the person will be sent straight to voicemail.

We think Facebook has tried a bit harder than what it did Facebook Home and has also catered a new market of users. Even though, many replacements for the stock Dialer hover around the Play Store, key features like WiFi calling and the built-in search engine are sure to create a good user-base.

Download Facebook Hello from Google Play Store!

Or if you can’t download it from there, grab the Facebook Hello APK here!

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