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Buy OnePlus One Without Invitations Now, Bids Farewell to Invite System

OnePlus, a brand known for making the “flagship killer” smartphone, OnePlus One, has bid farewell to the ever-standing invite system after 1 year of implementation. People all around have appreciated the efforts put in by OnePlus to put off the reign of manufacturers charging a much greater premium than necessary. The run of the mill high-end smartphones cost about 600-700USD which is pretty steep considering the primary function of a smartphone. Flip side, OnePlus dares to make a smartphone within the 350-400USD range. The key difference is, OnePlus does not cut down on specs or performance while cutting down price.

OnePlus One was the first ever smartphone launched by this ever-expanding company. Right through it’s launch, it has been very successful with the consumers. However, that interest didn’t exactly led to successful customers. Why? The invite system is to be blamed. In order to get your hands on this unicorn device, you would first have to attain a invite. Invites are gained by existing buyers sharing their left overs or OnePlus itself lending you one. Both cases proved to be very frustrating.


Exactly 1 year has passed since the original launch of the OnePlus One and finally, we are saying goodbye to invites. Marketing strategy or something else, it proved to be a downside for many users. Let’s hope this smart move by the brand results in more customers and better decisions in the future. Also, the OnePlus Two is being rumored to launch soon and this move might prove that. Logically, OnePlus will sell out all the One smartphones before releasing a follow-up.

For users who still haven’t bought the phone, this may be their golden chance. And for new users looking to upgrade, you can’t beat the OnePlus One in it’s price range. Especially seeing it recently received Lollipop based OxygenOS update as well as Cyanogen OS 12 update based on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop.

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