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Samsung has took it upon itself to reimagine everything it has worked for. For the past years we saw Samsung stick to cheap materials and average designs. This year round, it hasn’t played safe. The Korean manufacturer announced it’s latest Galaxy S smartphone line, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The Galaxy S6 Edge in particular is the true representation what Samsung meant when it said they have built a smartphone from the ground up. Featuring dual curves on each side, the Galaxy S6 Edge truly stands out.


Hardware Rundown:

The Galaxy S6 Edge is exactly like the Galaxy S6 but with a curved display. It will feature the same 14nm 64-Bit Exynos octa-core chip coupled with DDR4 3GB RAM. The camera is also a huge leap. 16MP with F/1.9 aperture. In simpler words, better low light performance without any software tweaks. Optical Image Stabilization has also been included. Fingerprint sensor has been revamped to make way for touch unlock rather than a full swipe. These are the things Samsung has put to the table and we think have created the benchmark for others to follow.


Design Aspect:

Design is one thing that the Galaxy S6 Edge has to it’s advantage. We rarely conclude that a Samsung phone is best looking overall but better believe it, the S6 Edge is truly beautiful. The subtle curve is impressively accomadated into the design. It doesn’t feel like putting curves on a normal phone but rather a product which was designed with a bended display. Glass back and Glass front. The previous sentence in itself shows how much Samsung had to change in order to come to terms with the users.

Bundled Software:

Software is also improved. Not redesigned but rather more polished. Android 5.0 Lollipop coupled with latest TouchWiz is what you’ll get out of the box. TouchWiz improvements include new labels rather than symbols, similar color schemes and revamped built-in apps and icons. The Galaxy S6 Edge was our favorite device. What do you think?

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