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Samsung Galaxy S6: What We Know and What To Expect

Samsung is all set to release The Next Galaxy smartphone today, Samsung Galaxy S6, on the 1st of March at the Mobile World Congress. Barcelona will be the place where the smartphone manufacturer will be holding it’s keynote. This time around we are expecting to see a lot of changes. Also, this keynote will hopefully be the first keynote in history where Samsung will announce two separate Galaxy S phones.

By now, a lot has been leaked and in some fashion, also has confirmed what the Galaxy S6 will look like. This year round, the focus has solely been the design and most of us are overlooking the specification side of the phone. Otherwise what usually happens with Android smartphones is people tend to focus on what the phone offers internally rather than what it feels like. Anyways, we think all is for the best.

In this post, we will detail some of the popular and more refined leaks that have surfaced while we will also give out some of our expectations with this phone.

As mentioned before, design is key this time so all the leaks are some sort of photos explaining the body details or body materials.


From the looks of the above photo, we can see the new Galaxy S6 will be nothing like it’s predecessors. The back is made out of glass. This is a huge shift from Samsung who has stuck with plastic since the dawn of the original Galaxy S. This means two things. A much much more premium look and feel will be established. Secondly, the back cover will become non-removable. If this is so, the phone will be a lot slimmer.


On to the front side.Looks are truly reminiscent of the design tradition but the phone on the left side looks more exciting. It is presumably the Galaxy S6 Edge. Unlike the Note Edge, S6 Edge will have a display that bends on both sides. Another first in the market. The home button also seems to be enlarged. This might make way for finger print touch sensor rather than the swipe one. Other than that we can’t make any other conclusions from this photo.

Our Expectations:

Now that we have covered the popular leaks, here is what we think the smartphone should be. Do note this will be our own opinions and will be based off of nothing just our hopes and consumer’s as well.

In the internals section, we like the S6 to have Samsung’s own Exynos Octa Core chipset. Exynos solely because of the feedback Note 4 has received. Not only is the battery life better but performance is on par as well. The camera should feature a bigger sensor than the S5, the megapixel count was more than satisfactory before but what let the S5 down was the sensor. This time round, we hope Samsung focuses on this. In the display section we would love anything above 1080p. A 2560×1600 display would be a lot on such a small screen. Following up the trend in higher than 1080p resolution phones we think Samsung will do the same. These are the basics we like to see in the S6. As always, Samsung will surely bundle a lot of new features that rely on special sensors. Always a plus but not necessary.

We hope Samsung releases something truly amazing. Especially seeing all the hype they have caused, it is only logical they follow it with something truly substantial.

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