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Best Material Design Android Apps Available Right Now

Since we are approaching the full release of Android L, developers have already started shifting towards the new design strategy called Material Design. This new design language by Google will feature “live” shadows, fluid transitions and most of all, separate layers for each modules. Leading from the front, Google showed of major apps such as Gmail, Google+ and Hangouts all evolving into a flatter and cleaner design during the recent Google I/O gathering. Some of these apps have been released fully while others are still in the works. Such moves have not only led to great interest among the community as Android-makers shift their designs but also have convinced developers to try it out in the SDK themselves.

Best Material Apps for Android

Right below we have compiled a lengthy list which includes mostly all of the Material Design supported apps available right now. These apps have one thing in common, Material Design. Some implement it fully while others have implemented it in parts with only a few elements. In any case, we assure a joyful experience once you try them out and also get you hyped over the next major revision of Android.

Cabinet Beta


Cabinet is a file explorer, the newest beta supports Material Design. Not only does the new design simplify everything but makes such a boring task look so spectacular. The fluid transitions, floating “add” button and swiping gestures definitely make it one of the best file explorers available at the moment.

Today Calendar

Today Calendar is a very simple calendar app that makes use of the Material Design. The developer has added only a few elements yet, but we are sure it will be updated with more animations and UI changes over time. This app is our favourite Google Calendar app replacement so far!

White Light Flashlight


As the name suggests, this app basically uses your phone’s flashlight as a torch. Simple buttons and sliders from Material Design’s theme makes this simple app very addictive. Once again, showing why this revamp is very neat indeed.

App Lock


Very popular already, App Lock recently unveiled there interpretation on Material Design. New switches have been incorporated, the same over-laying add button has been included and also, the transitions have been carried forward. The User Interface is now much flatter and uses more pastel colors which are trending these days.



This app is rather interesting. Basically what it does is show you the feedback your phone is getting from it’s sensors. The app’s options vary majorly on the phone’s model. Not of much use to the average person but again, the developer has integrated Material Design for the eye candy, mainly.

Textra SMS


Taking SMS to a whole new level with Textra. If you haven’t noticed already, Material Design makes everything much better. All what you expect from a messaging app but integrated with Material Design. Threads are shown in a very attractive manner with circular icons identifying each.

Numix Calculator


Another simple app to showcase the new design scheme. Flat buttons, colors that fit and functionality that has never been doubted. A truly deserving app to take space on your phone.

Notes (Beta)


One of our favorite picks, Notes. Following some traditions from Google Keep, integrating Material Design, this app truly stands out. Even though key features like syncing haven’t yet been implemented but just because of the new design scheme we recommend you give it a try.



Best wallpaper app gone for a major over-haul? We don’t think it can get any better than that. Wally has been very successful in providing exceptional wallpapers for different resolutions. Now, the developers have introduced a Material Design version. Individual colors for individual tabs make it exciting to use and interact with. Transitions and switches are also present. Another great example to show Material Design’s capabilities.

Google Stock Apps With Material Design

This section of the post is dedicated towards providing a look at what Google is trying to put forward as an example for others. What you see here will be spread out in other apps from 3rd party developers.



Most of us don’t consider Google+ as a viable social network but it is gaining in popularity. Despite of what you think about the service, fact is, the Android Google+ app is a trademark for every social service out there. Optimized and fluid are the keywords which make this experience truly great. Sum it up with Material Design and you get a killer combination. Individual tiles are now more visible with the shadows present beneath to identify them. The bars hide and show up with a very smooth transition. You have to test it yourself for a better look.



Google replaced the messaging app with Hangouts recently. This app combines your Gmail contacts and phone contacts into one. The User Interface has evolved greatly from it’s intial release. Recently, the layout has been changed, more Material Design aspects have been added and has been optimized greatly.



Native browser for devices running KitKat, this app surely has a huge and diverse audience. We don’t know how but Google has definitely kept everyone happy with the latest revamp. Except for the “straight in your face” transitions of menus and tabs, it has moved on to subtle and smooth changes. Colors have been re-arranged to make it more vivid and clear then ever before.

These apps surely redefine the meaning of exceptional design language and create a experience worth craving for. We can’t wait for the final release of Android L and hope you do as well!

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