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How To Root Moto G on Android 4.4.4 KitKat with SuperBoot

How to Root Moto G with SuperBoot Image on Android 4.4.4

We have put together a detailed step-by-step instructions guide on how to root Moto G with SuperBoot image. Please read every line carefully below. We suggest that you should read the tutorial once before actually performing it on your phone.

To Remember:

If you have fulfilled all the requirements above, then proceed to the actual tutorial.

Complete Step-By-Step Instructions:

Step 1 – Download SuperBoot.img for Moto G to your computer.

Step 2 – Go to your phone’s settings and enable Developer options by clicking 5 times on the “Build Number” found in “About Phone” menu.

Step 3 – Enable “USB Debugging” found in the newly opened Developer options

Step 4 – Extract to any location.

Step 5 – You need to power off your device at this stage. After powering it off, power it up by pressing the volume down button and power on button simultaneously. This will cause your device to boot into the bootloader.

Step 6 – Connect your phone to your PC. If you are on windows, you just need to double click on the superboot-windows.bat

Step 7 – Command Prompt window will pop up. After it finishes the required processes, you will be needed to reboot your phone manually.

That’s it. Your Moto G has now been rooted on Android 4.4.4 KitKat with SuperBoot image. Check for the SuperSU app in your apps list to verify.

To make sure you have correctly installed the above root method and it’s working, verify with Root Checker as given in the link.

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  1. Thanks a lot, very informative.. It worked as described.. I love both your “How to Unlock Bootloader of Motorola Devices.” & this article. Especially boot loader. Thanks for your step by step tuts.

  2. When backup the application, does the software also backup the data or just the apk? Cause I need my progress!

  3. I did everything said in the guide. When I hit the superboot-windows.bat it flashes up and runs some quick scripts a second later the phone starts up. Reboot the phone and super su isn’t installed. I redo ever step twice more and then try to download super su from play store which tells me super su binaries aren’t installed. The Bootloader screen runs when i start the phone so I don’t think that’s the problem. Anyone got a solution to my problem?

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