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Update Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 with Stock Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean ROM

Step 9 – Once you run Flash_tool.exe, you should see a screen like in the screenshot below.

SP Flash Tool

Step 10 – Now click on the “Scatter-loading” button as shown in the screenshot below.


Step 11 – Navigate to the extracted ROM folder and and inside that, go to the “target_bin” folder. Now select the TXT file with a similar name like MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt which was in our case – shown in the screenshot below.



Step 12 – In the list, you can see the FAC option is unchecked. Click on it and select the fac image file from the same “target_bin” folder as shown below. You can ignore this step if this option is already checked.


Step 13 – It should now be checked.


Step 14 – Next, check the “DA DL All With Check Sum” option in Smart Phone Flash Tool. This step is important!


Step 15 – If you have reached till here, everything looks good enough so far. You can now click on the “Firmware -> Update” button (screenshot below).


Step 16 – Installation process should start now and you will see some purple loading bars in the Flash Tool window.


Step 17 – At one point, the installation process will get stuck on 0% as shown below.


Step 18 – Wait for 1-2 minutes and then unplug your Yoga Tablet 8 from the micro USB cable for a minute. Plug it back in and your installation process should continue with more colourful bars. Do NOT do anything else!


Step 19 – Once everything is completed, you will see a green circle as shown below.


Step 20 – Switch ON your Yoga Tablet 8 now. It will boot now and might take about 5 minutes to start on your first time after a fresh firmware installation. So, please wait.


That’s it! Your Yoga Tablet 8 B6000 should now have stock Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean ROM installed on your tablet! Go to Settings > About tablet to verify.

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  1. Everything works for me until step 18. When I plug the tablet back in, it doesn’t continue to update. Is there a fix for this? Thanks!

  2. Thanks a lot, work perfectly i recover my B6000-F after unsuccessfully upgrade to Kit kat.
    Inclusive recover the bluetooth . Tx again ; )

    I try the FACTORY RESET , but dont work. I did it in a win 7 machine.

  3. Dear, I get to step 18 and I can not finish it, probe what Jimmy Teo said without success, someone can help me please?

  4. Everything works for me until step 18. When I plug the tablet back in, it doesn’t continue to update. Is there a fix for this?

  5. Hi guys, step 12, when i click the fac box a new ‘open downloaded files’ window doesn’t open, so i’m not sure how i select a location for the fac file. Anyone know anything about this?! Thanks.

  6. I was in step 18, disconnect all USB devices, disconnect tablet and reconnected. there I followed the process (windows 7)


  7. Thank you so much for this site, i tried many site for repairing my lenovo but it doesnt help me, but this site help me so much! Godbless . 🙂

  8. I tried recovery, i tried wiping the cache, i tried factory reset, nothing worked. THANKFULLY this has worked for me. I was uncomfortable downloading files from those unknown and foreign sites, but thankfully they all worked out.

    The only issue I found was at Step 18. When I plugged my Yoga 8 back in, Windows couldn’t find the driver required and therefore the device wasn’t recognised. If you plug the device back in, and the install doesn’t continue as explained above; download these Windows Drivers: and

    Once these drivers are installed, plug and unplug the device several times and the Yoga 8 should ‘map’ to a location that the installer can find and continue with the install as described above.

    Good luck!

  9. For step 2, when I click download file, it says “You are not allowed to download that file”, what do I do now?

  10. Thanks buddy.. Successfully done… Driver issue fixed after connected holding vol + so windows device manager show the hardware and update the driver manually… Thanks for your help.

  11. HELLO, my tablet connects and disconnects . I need the driver for Windows 10 x64. In Where I can get it? Model Lenovo yoga 8 60043. Help me please.

  12. Hi

    Everything worked well, got the green light but when I turned on the tablet it only makes sound. I waited about 10 minutes but nothing happend.

  13. plss……. i done it all good.. but yellow line stuck at 34% with an error … such as BROOM

    anyone plls….

  14. i get this error / brom error : s_da_sdmmc_write_failed (3149)

    when it get to 35% (the yellow bar) it stop and show this error : “brom error : s_da_sdmmc_write_failed (3149)”

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