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How to Backup / Restore EFS Partition of Samsung Galaxy Android Phones

There is an EFS partition on Samsung Galaxy devices that stores all the radio and phone information. This information allows your phone to connect with the mobile networks and other connectivity information. If you accidentally erase it, you lose many phone functions and connectivity. So rather than being sorry and ending up with a high-end music player (phone without any connectivity), we advise you all to gather your Samsung devices and make a backup of their EFS partitions. This process is very simple and doesn’t require much to begin with.

In a small tutorial below, we will explain how you can backup your EFS partition information using Samsung Tool, a third-party Android app that does exactly what we are here for — backup/restore of EFS partition data. Your phone needs to be rooted and only a few Samsung Galaxy phones are supported by this tool.

Here is a list of all the supported devices from the Samsung Galaxy series that work with Samsung Tool app for backing up or restoring the EFS:

  • Samsung GT-I9300
  • Samsung GT-I9305
  • Samsung GT-I9505
  • Samsung GT-I9500
  • Samsung GT-N7100
  • Samsung GT-N7105
  • Samsung SM-N900
  • Samsung SM-N9005
  • Samsung SM-G900A
  • Samsung SM-G900F
  • Samsung SM-G900H
  • Samsung SM-G900T
  • Samsung SPH-L710

If your model doesn’t match the above list that don’t proceed any further as you might risk destroying the data permanently without any sort of backup. Let’s continue with tutorial now.

How to Backup EFS Partition on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Step 1Download Samsung Tool and install it on your phone for which you are trying to make EFS Backup of. How to Install? Read: How to Install Android APK on Your Phone Manually.

Step 2 – Open the App. You would be greeted by a very simplistic and precise UI. Click on “Backup EFS“.


Step 3 – Select whether you want to backup your EFS in Internal Storage or External. If you don’t have a SD Card installed you can back it up in internal storage and copy the file to your computer for later use.


Step 4 – After you have chosen the storage medium, the app will require to confirm your choice. After conforming, you would have to wait a while until the app automatically backs up the EFS partition straight to your phone.

The last step will take a few minutes to complete and after it finishes, you would find the backup in “/data/media/SamsungTool/“. Make sure to copy it on to your computer to ensure safety!

If you run into any sort of problems, comment below!

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