Fix mm-qcamera-daemon Battery Draining Bug

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A very nasty mm-qcamera-daemon process bug is making rounds at everyone who is on Android 4.4.2 KitKat. This bug heats up your phone and then drains your battery like anything. This process is one of the processes that control your camera and for some reason, it starts using around 50% of your CPU which causes the heating and drain your battery really quickly.

Google acknowledged the bug a few days ago after a very length issue tracker thread at Google Code and a fix is in the works — Android 4.4.3 KTU72B to be exact. They seem to be testing the update internally now which means it should be out very soon for the Nexus family of devices.


Some users have been able to get rid of the bug with a simple restart — but for some, this is a recurring thing that keeps on happening whenever an app is opened that uses the camera in one way or the other i.e. Skype, Snapchat etc. I have had the same issue on my Nexus 5, but not as often as others have reported back in the Google Code issue tracker thread.

HOW TO: Fix mm-qcamera-daemon Battery Draining Bug

Here are a few tips that have been proven to fix this mm-qcamera-daemon process for some time, even permanently for many users:

1. Restart Phone – As soon as you start feeling your phone getting heated up for no reason or experience a significant drop in your battery percentage, we’d recommend you to restart your phone at once before it completely kills your phone with no battery remaining. In most cases, this should fix the problem. You can quickly go over to Settings > Battery and check if this nasty process is showing up in your apps list.

2. Uninstall Camera Apps – Another fix is to uninstall any camera related apps that you have installed recently before the mm-qcamera-daemon process bug started showing up. In a quick search over the Internet, many users have found a fix to this bug by uninstalling Snapchat, Instagram or Skype etc. Obviously, not a permanent solution, but is enough to wait for the official fix in the meanwhile.

3. Android 4.4.3 – This is the last fix — wait for the new Android 4.4.3 update. Google has found a patch to this bug and is expected to release the KitKat update anytime now. but please note, Google has only promised to fix this for the Nexus family of devices. As for users on the official KitKat update on the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3 etc. should contact their OEM for a quick fix. Samsung is known for their slow roll out of updates, but we hope they are quick enough to release the patch as soon as Google does it.

12 responses to “Fix mm-qcamera-daemon Battery Draining Bug”

  1. elCapra Avatar

    mm-qcamera-daemon – bug it’s still alive under 4.4.3 🙁

  2. pramod Avatar

    i have 4.4.4 but still alive thr too….

  3. Inverforth Avatar

    I have a Nexus 5 running 4.4.4. Kernel 3-4-0. The dreaded daemon kicked in 3 days ago! Seems to awaken 6 hours from switch-on.

    1. varun Avatar

      Facing same issues on Nexus 5…. Any solution ?

  4. boxermom Avatar

    My battery went from 100% to zero in 4 hours 28 minutes today, and I hadn’t even used it once. I have not seen the daemon on my phone. But I can’t keep it charged hardly at all, and it’s HOT almost all the time.

  5. niki Avatar

    I am 5.0 on s5 and still have bug

    1. tracy1168 Avatar

      I have the same issue – why was the patch fixed in 4.4.3 but still existis in 5.0? What are the recommendations now?

  6. timurak Avatar

    In my case, problem was Snapchat.
    After I freeze Snapchat everything back to normal.
    I also use Viber and Facebook messenger

  7. JCid Avatar

    The program D-vasive Pro seems to work, it can block the camera. Hope this can help you guys

  8. Teodora Kralcheva Avatar
    Teodora Kralcheva

    I have Android 5 and this problem still remains. -_-

  9. George S Avatar
    George S

    Is it true that Google created this bug just to force users onto a problematic platform update that many users were beginning to lock out? I turned off auto update because of all the complaints about Google’s latest system update, but now everyone will be forced to accept the system update to remove this bug from some “unidentified” source.

  10. skysi Avatar

    Samsung Note 3 Lollipop 5. This problem drives me crasy

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