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Google Play Store 4.0 Screenshots Preview

Google Play Store 4.0 is the next iteration of the Google Play app on every Android phone that allows you to download apps, games, movies, books, music etc. From the time it was initially launched, Google has regularly updated the interface with new tweaks and minor UI changes to be in according to the guidelines of Jelly Bean. The folks at Droid Life have got their hands on the next upcoming Google Play Store 4.0.16 and have written a quick preview of the mobile app that is due to release sometime around Google I/O 2013 and Android 5.0 release.

The new interface looks very clean and simple with more bright colours through out the app, instead of the dull colours which are now part of the current Google Play Store app. We have attached some of the screenshots below and you can see, Google Play Store 4.0 looks a lot like from the Google Now and Google Keep family of apps as the user-interface is concerned.


The entire UI seems to be have been redone with new colours, fonts and bigger images. Droid Life has also uploaded a preview video of the new Google Play Store 4.0 app — and no, the APK is not out yet to be downloaded, unfortunately. Check out the screenshots below along with the preview video of the Google Play Store 4.0.16.

Google Play Store 4.0 Screenshots



This could be or could not be the final version that will be pushed to Android devices. May be this is just an alpha developmental version that could be a lot changed when the final is released for everyone. We only hope the app is very polished, stable and does not lag while scrolling around — just like the new Google Keep app.

And yes, we love the new minimal look for the Play Store Android app!

Here is the preview video:

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