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Galaxy S4 New Smart Features: Smart Scroll, Smart Pause, Floating Preview

Samsung finally unveiled their latest creation at Unpacked 2013 in New York. We are very much excited to see a whole new set of technology and features integrated into the latest Galaxy. Samsung have set a new theme this year around. They focused on more of a life companion kind of Super Phone for the average consumer.

Samsung says that the Galaxy S4 comprises of 8 Sensors. These sensors are for their new technology series called “Smart”. We first got introduced to “Smart” in the Galaxy S3 which had “Smart Stay”. The Galaxy S4 now has “Smart Pause” “Smart Scroll” and Floating preview which we don’t know why hasn’t been categorized in “Smart”. Continuing on, These features are built to enhance the experience of the consumer with making the phone most easy to use and guide through.

Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500

Smart Scroll:

This great feature basically scrolls through pages, pictures and whatever you trying to scroll through using some simple hand and finger gestures. The idea behind this is: when you get your hands dirty or for whatever reason you don’t want to touch the phone, you can use your whole hand to navigate. This sounds pretty fascinating and upon use it would surely be more decisive and precise as if it is useful or not.

Smart Pause:

You are watching your favorite episode or a movie and unfortunately you get distracted, when you move your face away from the screen the Galaxy S4 will pause whatever media you are consuming so you can easily catch it up when you look back. This saves time and frustration of finding the right time to continue watching the media where you stopped.

Floating Preview:

This feature remained without a “Smart” tag wrapped around it but it is as smart as it can be. Want to  fetch a preview of a photo or text or get help text you just float your finger over it and watch it enlarge on the Galaxy S4. This is the Galaxy Note 2 feature without the S Pen. This feature is very innovative as it saves us the frustration of zooming into links and holding your finger at a stand still for the preview and sometimes in the process you accidentally click it. So this feature is well appreciated by the Galaxy Community.

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