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Root Transmission – How to Root Any Android Device with USB OTG

Why do we love Android? Because of the fact I can do anything with my phone as I want i.e get root access, install custom ROMs etc. Getting root access on an Android phone or tablet is not a very difficult task as Samsung, HTC, Sony etc. have allowed unlocked bootloaders on their devices. However, at times there are some Android phones or tablets that are not-so-easy to root and end up locked and unmodified.

Root Transmission is the only app on Android that allows you to root any Android device using another Android phone or tablet. How? We will get to that later. The best part is, you are not stuck with the standard device specific root instructions and can use the USB OTG (on-the-go) cable to root any Android device.

This app is very easy-to-use. It just has two buttons, root and unroot. All you have to do is connect a non-rooted (that you wish to root) Android device with another already rooted and OTG supported Android device using the USB OTG cable and root the device! Simple, eh?

The app comes with complete ADB (terminal) so you can see what exactly is going on while trying to root your Android device. For more information and details, we suggest to read the official XDA thread about Root Transmission. We will not start using this app in our tutorials because OTG support is still not very common in Android devices and not everyone owns an OTG cable.

Download Root Transmission

For the download link and more details about the usage of Root Transmission, visit here: Download Root Transmission.

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